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Time Attendance Product - Realtime
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Time Attendance Product


Model No: MDI-2328

• Modes of identification : Card only
• Easy One touch chick in & check out
• Card capacity 2000, logs trans 100000
• Enables user identification in dark environment
• Supports TCP/IP and USB interface



Model No: MDI-366

  • Modes of identification: Fingerprint , PINy
  • User Capacity: FT- 1000/User-300
  • Log transaction: 50,000
  • Direct report via USB
  • Supports RS-232 & USB interface


Model No: MDI-OK468

• Modes of identification: Fingerprint , Password
• User capacity: FP 2500/USER-1000
• Log transaction: 100,000, 10 Shifts, 30 Time sections available
• Printer ticket available
• Supports USD Interface



Single Door Standalone Controller with Biometric reader

Single Door Standalone Controller with Biometric reader
TCP/IP – IP on board with 32bit RISC Processor
1900 to 9500 template
Used for Access and Attendance

• Real time auto update of Finger Templates to monitor changes in the fingerprint.
• HID Compatible (HID Prox 125 KHz and HID iCLASS 13.56Mhz smart card Technology),
• High Protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
• High Quality Optical Sensor with Industry's fastest 1:1 and 1:N matching speed (Award winning Fingerprint algorithm, 2004 & 2006)
• Easy template distribution for network applications
• The processing speed of the controller is very fast; as controller is equipped with industry's fastest processor – 32 bit RISC ARM Processor
• Stores 10,000 Cards and 30,000 Event/transaction buffers
• Fire inputs which enables all the doors to be opened up in case of Emergency
• Intrusion Inputs which enables all the door to be closed in case of Intrusion
• Field Upgradable – Flash memory for easy firmware upgrade through existing LAN network

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