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Automatic Light Switches
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Gas Leak Alarm System
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Intrusion Alarm Sensor / Accessory
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Intrusion Alarm Panel
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Intrusion Alarm Panel


Intruder Alarm System




Intruder Alarm System 8 Wired / 8 Wireless (Model Number : 5613)

  • With 8 wired/wireless zones and every zone can be programmed independently
  • It can dial 6 groups of telephone number
  • Include 5 kinds of arming modes: outside arming, perimeter arming, single zone arming, delay
  • arming, long-distance arming
  • Include 3 kinds of control modes: telephone to control, the remote control to control, long-distance
  • telephone to control,
  • Support "watchdog" function to prevent results of power off


Intruder Alarm System 8 Wired / 8 Wireless (Model Number : 5614)

• Industrial Poduct with IRON Box
• Wired/wireless intelligent alarm control panel,
• 16 wired/wireless compatible zone,
• can arm or disarm



Alarm System (Model Number : 6407)

• 4 wired / 6 wireless zones
• 6 groups of voice telephone No. 3 groups of telephone No. to send SMS
• Telephone (cell phone) remote control set programme

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