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Cable solutions Cable management system is a strategic responsibility The primary role of every Comms rooms, Patch panels, Server farms, Data centers is to keep corporate information services up and running. Today, however, systems are evolving quickly and infrastructure management continues to grow increasingly complex. Every maintenance operation and every technical intervention, whether planned or unexpected, must be fast and secure. The financial cost resulting from down network services and mission-critical applications can represent significant loss in many sectors, such as banking, e-commerce, telecommunications and industry. PatchSee is a solution that is unique exclusive efficient Given these needs, your network management benefits from an exclusive technology that lets you identify data connections and strategic links quickly and efficiently. Aitechs Solutions offers unparalleled ease-of-use, security and speed during maintenance and troubleshooting operations for data centers, computer rooms, network racks and more. Performance that serious administrators have been waiting for Lets you instantly trace both ends of any network cable using an exclusive lighting system Clear visual identification increases security when handling network connections No more plugging and unplugging the wrong cables, no more basic mistakes causing down-time for information services Confirm links before disconnecting servers and other connections Increased security. Small sized boots fit easily into high density environment switches, servers and patch panels PatchClip removable color clips Practical for managing any kind of network; provides visual differentiation for racks, applications and servers according to their use (e-commerce, Web, data, etc); protects cable lock-tabs Compatible with all types of computer equipment cabling, switches, etc. Complies with EIA/TIA & ISO standards – 10 GB applications Cat. 6a / Cat. 6 / Cat. 5e – UTP & FTP Available in lengths from 2 to 165 feet (0.6 to 50 meters) Several PatchLight models to choose from, providing different colors for simultaneous identification “Scratch” type cable ties the convenient way to tie and untie all your cables.

Security is one of the fastest growing industries today, and as security awareness inevitably spreads, AITECHS SOLUTIONS technically positioned with its local market capability to assist this ever-demanding market. CCTV Cabling Services: AITECHS SOLUTIONS (ASÀ), an experienced CCTV cabling Services Company, provides comprehensive structured cabling and network installation services for all data, voice, and video cabling systems to corporate sector. The Aitechs Solutions Structured Cabling solution started about six years ago. The Cabling Design eliminates the hassle, time and costs associated with various cable- related services. From inception to installation to implementation, Aitechs Solutions is with you every step of the way. DSI personnel work with you throughout the entire integration process. We help you determine your program needs, identify problems and make recommendations on more efficient methods of accomplishing program objectives. We then develop the most cost-effective solution to address these needs. Your project is handled by the same Aitechs Solutions site expert from start to finish, ensuring continuity of service and most importantly, ensuring that you`re operational... on schedule. Room planning: When planning a communication room for CCTV, data and voice, the following components are configured into the design by the cable designer and IT personnel: Physical support (racks, cable tray); Cable and cable management (UTP or fiber); Patch panels; PoE; Ethernet switch/router/hub; PDUs; HVAC. Whether your cameras are analog or IP will determine which components you will need to install in the TR. And, the number of cameras to be terminated in the TR will determine the number of additional separate racks and cabinets. This is the tricky part, as each vertical market will have different requirements for the number of cameras as well as the location.




Fiber Cabling Services What is Fiber Cabling? fiber-cabling Fiber cabling is a communication medium which transmits data over long distances using light rather then electrical impulses. Generally speaking, the cables consist of a bundle of extremely thin glass tubes or threads that have been coated with an insulating cladding and banded together. This bundle is encased in a protective sheath to protect the individual glass fibers. To transfer data, a light transmitter, usually an LED, is placed at one end of the cable. The transmitter sends light pulses through the individual glass strands to a receiver on the other end. The light pulses are then converted into an electrical signal which is decoded by your computer or phone.

Where Fiber Cables Excel The success of today’s entrepreneurs and business people often depends on the efficient and reliable transmission of data. Fiber cables excel at high-bandwidth data transmission because the signal loss for fiber cable is far lower than that of traditional copper wire. Businesses in the computing and communications fields use fiber cable extensively in their daily operations since it’s ideal for transmitting and receiving vast amounts of data at breakneck speed. Fiber cable is also a permanent fixture in any office environment where individual computers are hooked up to a central server. In addition, fiber cabling is incredibly flexible and can be routed virtually anywhere in an existing building for telecommunication purposes. What Are The Main Advantages of Fiber Cabling? By far the biggest advantage of fiber cable over copper wire is that signals can be transmitted over a greater distance without the need for amplification. This reduces the number of signal repeaters that are needed to transfer data over long distances. Another advantage of fiber cables is that cross-talk or interference between lines is minimized, which results in less noise and signal loss.

Interference from external electromagnetic fields is also greatly reduced, resulting in a cleaner and quieter signal. An added benefit of fiber cabling is that it can support practically any bandwidth or speed requirement in one cable package. Will Fiber Cabling Supplant Copper Cabling? Technologists often debate when fiber will replace copper for data transmission. Ultimately, that depends on the economic tradeoffs in bandwidth and speed versus the added cost of fiber optic cable. However, recent trends suggest that the use of fiber cable over copper will accelerate in the near future as the manufacturing costs of fiber optics drop due to economies of scale and technological advances. Cable installers are becoming more knowledgeable and comfortable when it comes to working with fiber cable, which should only increase its utilization.

Once the price differential becomes negligible, fiber will be the preferred choice for new cable installations in homes and businesses. What To Look For In a Professional Fiber Cabling Installer Whether you’re an existing business looking to upgrade your networking capabilities or a new business just getting started, it’s imperative that you find a reputable cable installer to handle your cable installation needs. There are a number of sites online that provide regional and nation-wide assistance in locating a professional cable installer in your area. With any recommendation, verify that the installer is an affiliate of the Fiber Optics Association and has a current FOA certification. Oftentimes, the best way to find a reliable installer is through word of mouth. Canvas your business network as well as your client list for advice on professional installers who might be a good fit for your operation.

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