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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Benefits of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)In today’s.
There is two types Co'AMC and Nco'AMC.

Aitechs Solutions

Maintenance is a prime factor and Service Quality depends on job, Systems maintenance is a key factor. Engineer have requires special skills. Maintenance team to take care of all variety of SYSTEM. Manufacturers are the best people to support in maintaining these products, machines and system as total technology is available with them. Inorder to help our customers in getting the best throughput from the systems. We have introduced the concept of Annual Maintenance Contracts. AMC depends on condition of the system. Duration of AMC agreement will be ONE YEAR or next. The systems are expected in good working condition while accepting the contract. All recommended tools, things, etc., is in the scope of the customer. In addition, we request the customer to provide basic help to our technician like the material handling equipment, semiskilled labour, etc.The customer is expected to keep available the accessories which requires. In case of any difficulty the date should be changed in advance by mutual consent. Our services will in any case be available in such event at an extra cost. In order to ensure minimum downtime . In any case our representative will hand over such list while finalizing the contract.In order to get the best results, it is obvious that the customer should carry out the routine maintenance as per the guidelines given in manual. Preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per the laid down format enclosed. However, we will be open to carry out any job over and above the scope of preventive maintenance at an extra cost. We shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in the event of change of ownership or location of the said systems. Either party shall entitled to terminate the agreement at any time giving one month’s advance notice, and the customer shall be entitled to refund of the advance on pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of the agreement.If a lump sum quotation towards service charges will be offered with concessional service charges as above. If there is any breakdown visit in between 2 AMC visits, the same can be adjusted in the total number of AMC visits or, if desired, can be charged extra.

Video Surveillance

Aitechs Solutions agrees to provide the following services under this agreement to keep the system in good working order.
Save forcircumstances beyond the control of Aitechs Solutions.

Annual Maintenance Contract Terms and Condition For CCTV Camera in the ..Annual maintenance contract for the CCTV Camera, DVR, power supply and Cables trace out. 

  1. Period of the contract is mentioned and specify on the Annual Maintenance Agreement.
  2. The customer shall be responsible for providing proper power source to the equipments. 
  3. This contract is not covered if equipments are burnt due any reason. Contract is not covered if any intentional / un-intentional physical damage is cause to the equipments.
  4. Contract does not covered misuse, abuse and force major  condition like  earthquakes, floods, lightening, etc. strikes and other social disturbances.
  5. The cost of the AMC will be in 10 to 50% depending on the total amount of systems and invoice. For a period of one year commencing from the date of  signed agreement ensuring prompt services.
  6. The terms and conditions will be mention in the AMC agreement.
  7. The AMC agreement shall not covered any kind of penalty.
  8. In case of any dispute regarding the AMC contract the decision will be taking by both the parties …and Aitechs Solutions will be the final.
  9. If any product goes on repairing so instead of that Aitechs Solutions will try provide temporary but depending on availability of product.
  10. The problem will be solve within 48 hours from the time of complain 
  11. Complain will be received by E Mail Or telephonically with details
  12. If full and final amount of the Invoice & AMC are not received, we do not provide Warranty of goods, services, etc. & services will be chargeable in advance.
  13. AMC contract is not covered public & national holidays.
  14. Every month one visit between 5 to 15 days, its routine maintenance. If engineering attend complaint then also service visit will count.


Aitechs solutions, ready to give best service.


Aitechs Solutions is provide best services in PABX & Cable Faults Troubleshoot effectively and efficiently the maintenance, repair, installation and upgrade services to PABX customers, whilst promoting a high and professional level of customer service care and satisfaction. We develop and maintain working relationships with customers; ensuring them timely service delivery. Our PABX maintenance service delivers truly independent telecommunications management services to Corporate Sector. From additions to new installs, voicemail, audio conferencing, call auto-attendant, telephone accounting and wireless, we do it all. We take great pride in our phone system installation, testing and certification procedures for Phone Cabling. Our main goal is total customer satisfaction through the highest quality workmanship, top quality equipment and built-in upgrade potential for your systems and network.

Our industry knowledge and engineering expertise can ensure the best protection of your Voice and Data systems investment. Our staff is experienced with the widest diversity of phone equipment and wiring. Wide Range of Voice / Phone Installations Services We perform the entire range of telephone wiring jobs from simply adding jacks, to relocating phone systems, to brand new installations: Troubleshooting and Evaluations of the Phone Wiring & the Phone Systems New installations of Business Phone Systems Campus, Building Riser, Horizontal, PBX, Workstation, Lightning Protection of Phone Systems Clean-Up, Demolition Call Distribution, Auto Attendant Switch Relocation 50, 100, 300 pair feeder cable installation Annual Maintenance Agreement When you think about how important your communications system is to your business, it is easy to see how valuable a Service Agreement for your PABX system really is. Aitechs solutions offers full comprehensive hardware and software maintenance agreements and technical support to our valuable customers. COST Savings Time, labor and material are included in a service maintenance agreement, which provides significant savings with a manageable budget. Unlimited service calls, without a Service Agreement all visits are billable. Services provided outside of the Service Agreement will be billed at a reduced rate.

A telephone system service agreement is always at work both at your site and behind the senses, so you can concentrate on running your business. benefits include: Maximize communications uptime Proactive trouble notification Errors resolved transparently Reduce time to repair Free basic phone technical support included Complex and customized support available at preferred prices Remotely access customers` PBX to perform diagnostics, browse activities and optimum operation. Preferred customer status A Service Level Agreement to fit in with your hours of business Hardware support in case of failure Cable network repair Fixed budget and long term savings As PABX systems reach their manufacturer “end of life”, we are able to continue supporting them into the future by making sure we have access to spares and the expertise required to continue to service them.


CCTV MAINTANANCE Service The operation of CCTV systems can be enhanced by a regular maintenance service. Aitechs Solutions provide CCTV maintenance and repair for corporate sector and residential premises. We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for homes, shops, offices, warehouses and small businesses, fully installed at a competitive price. Home and commercial CCTV installations are carried out by our qualified installers and are fully guaranteed with Aitechs Solutions. The system comes with options for remote viewing over the internet and via mobile phone, allowing home and business owners to monitor their premises from anywhere in the world. CCTV maintenance service includes: Check history of CCTV system since last maintenance service. Visual inspection of all major CCTV components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage. Check all CCTV control equipment (monitors, VCR, DVR, Multiplexer etc.) Check and clean cameras, lenses and housings as necessary. Check lenses for correct field of view and adjust as necessary. Check pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary. Check and test remote signaling equipment (where fitted). Check recording and playback quality Check the satisfactory transmission of images to remote centre (where applicable). Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply). Retrain the users on the use of the CCTV system (if required). Log all test results. Return the CCTV system to operational status. CCTV control room upgrade, refurbishment and security systems integration Aitechs Solutions (AS) extensive experience, knowledge of IP based systems and background in CCTV enables us to assist with CCTV control room upgrades, security systems integration and refurbishments. DSI can work with you to develop a phased approach for Upgrade of analogue CCTV to IP via encoders Camera upgrades and recommendations Integration of existing systems Consolidation of systems Development of (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) management Development of unified systems Management of alarms Resilient RAID video recording options Refurbishment of furniture Upgrade to LCD video wall screens The principal behind a CCTV control room upgrade is to improve security management and the operating environment for staff. This can be achieved in many ways including implementation of an IP based Intelligent IVMS system as a stepping stone to developing a full (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) solution for the growing needs of managing multiple security systems through a single platform. The use of an open protocol and non proprietary system enables users to not be tied to individual vendors or support structures and can grow the system as both operational and budgetary requirements are identified. CCTV Maintenance Agreements: Maintenance agreements are for a minimum of twelve months, the number of cameras that comprise your installation and the type of service provided will determine the cost of maintenance. Silver Service On-site labor only maintenance scheme, therefore there will be a charge for all faulty or replacement parts that have been purchased outside the twelve month guarantee period. Gold Service In addition to above covers mechanical breakdown of cameras, camera power supplies, lenses, digital video recorders and monitors. The replacement of equipment is at the discretion of CCTV INDIA. Faulty equipment if unrepairable will usually be replaced with the equivalent standard of equipment as determined by AITECHS SOLUTIONS. Customers on our maintenance scheme are entitled to any number of visits within one year relating to genuine non-malicious faults that have occurred on their equipment, and they will be prioritized ahead of non-maintenance customers in this regard. Our usual response is for an engineer to arrive within 08 working hrs of a customer`s request for service. Aitechs Solutions does not offer a twenty-four hour emergency call out service. Included in both schemes is three preventative maintenance call out per annum at the client`s initiation, at which time we will carry out the following tasks where appropriate: The testing and readjustment of focus and video levels on all cameras. Testing of external camera housings including de-misters where appropriate. Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions where appropriate. Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate. Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g. growing trees and bushes. Test all photocells and infrared lamps for correct operation. Clean all video display monitors with anti static solution. Adjust video time and date display as required, and check equipment settings. Carry out test reviewing of recordings and advise on best practice. Check video data connections between all control equipment re-terminate and crimp as required. Test all remote video transmission equipment, ensuring correct operation. Provide a report on the condition of the installation if so required. Provide any necessary basic instruction and training. Advise on latest data protection or appropriate legislation. Advise on the latest equipment available to improve the functionality of the installation. Excluding Under Maintenance Contract Gold service maintenance is designed to cover mechanical break down not natural wear and tear. The effects of power surges, accidental, storm or flood damage, wilful neglect and vandalism are excluded from maintenance cover, as are problems relating to computers / modems / routers / or other telecoms equipment.
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