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Aitechs Solutions

Altechs Solutions has been providing best service, Solutions and projects designing. We work with the world’s most security equipments. Makes its name come to fame and known for being one of the top service and solutions provider in CCTV-IP, Video Door Phone System, Access Control Systems, Telecommunications, Wireless Networking, Home Automation, Conference room, Presentation room and Gate Automation in the global market today. We always believe to provide new technology to our client's.

Every small and medium sized organization has a guardian. The person who treats their work more like a personal investment than a job. In small business, it’s the owner. In a school, it’s the principal. In manufacturing, it’s the facility manager.

We do this by emphasizing what we believe they care about most: custom design, expertise, and savings.

Custom design: Each organization is unique and so are their security needs. So we tailor each project to exactly what we hear from the customer.

Expertise: Our team has been installing CCTV-IP, Video Door Phone System, Access Control and Biometrics Systems, Epabx System, Wireless Networking, Home Automation, Gate Automation, Conference room, Presentation room and more for years, from project start to finish. Because of this deep expertise, our customers know that our recommendations are informed and unbiased.

Savings: We match installation service to client need, from white glove treatment to remote support. Our remote installations eliminate the expense of sending an installer to a client site. That means you get the same or better system for much less.

Aitechs Solutions Network maintenance is one such core area where our experts are highly trained and provide exclusive services to our clients. We are competent enough in providing complete solutions for managing all kinds of networks both for small scale and large scale businesses, hospitals and schools etc.

Aitechs Solutions has been in business since Years providing professional grade systems at affordable prices. We have grown to become an expert in the field of Electronic Security. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer care and use of innovation in security. Through keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements we ensure we offer our customers the best products and services to suit their individual needs.

Aitechs Solutions is leader of provide solutions and Service. We are committed to you and recognize that customer service is the key to success. We offer free technical support, 110% price match guarantee, and maintain 100% positive feedback on our Service and Solutions. We have no complaints or negative reviews of clients. Have an A+ rating with the Better Service and Solutions Provider.

Aitechs Solutions provides Comp and no-comp in the CCTV-IP, Video Door Phone System, Access Control and Biometrics Systems, Epabx System, Wireless Networking, Home Automation, Gate Automation, Conference room, Presentation room.etc.

Maintenance is a prime factor and Service Quality depends on job, Systems maintenance is a key factor. Engineer have requires special skills. Maintenance team to take care of all variety of SYSTEM. Manufacturers are the best people to support in maintaining these products, machines and system as total technology is available with them. In order to help our customers in getting the best throughput from the systems. We have introduced the concept of Annual Maintenance Contracts. AMC depends on condition of the system. Duration of AMC agreement will be ONE YEAR or Three Years.

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